I gotta give it up to The SuiZ and Hustlertwo from Nuclear Powered Toaster. The sheer volume of references from Theater Hopper’s past in their comic reflects a familiarity with my work that I only share casual knowledge of! The Cult of Sandler and that paper-plate girl being impressive throwbacks! Good on ya, guys! And by the way, I think I want that third panel to become my new avatar. Great close up!

If you want more of that kind of exaggerated action, be sure to check out Nuclear Powered Toaster. The artwork is top-notch and it has a great continuing storyline!

I haven’t mentioned it for about a week, so I want to remind everyone that the deadline for book pre-orders is closing in! Remember, June 11 will be your last chance to submit your pre-order. There’s still a bunch of orders that we need in order to meet the minimum print run, so I hope all of you guys out there thinking about buying a book can help me out! Please pre-order your book today!

By the way, did you know I have another guest strip for you on Friday? Because I do and it’s really good!

I think all of the guest strips so far have been really good, don’t you? I gotta admit, I really lucked out!

Thanks again to The SuiZ and Hustlertwo!

↓ Transcript
It's finally here -


This isn't my bootleg copy of Big Momma's House 2!

What gives?

Greetings Mr. Brazelton.

As you can see, your wife has fallen into the clutches of...


If you want to see Cami again, you will publicly announce that Adam Sandler is the best actor...


Nice dramatic pauses, Steve.

Oh no! Either I lose the woman I LOVE.

Or I make some insencere remark that has a very small chance of encouraging Sandler to make MORE MOVIES.


Ahhh, Cami. I've never felt closer to you.

What's that? You want to watch Vertigo again?

Whatever you say, babe!