Today’s guest strip comes to us from a very clever chap from across the pond – Eddie Bowley, the creator of Edd Egg. I don’t want to spoil too much of what Eddie is doing here, but I strongly encourage you to go to the effort of "decoding" his guest strip. It not only tackles the "controversy" surrounding The Da Vinci Code in a very clever way, but it also makes me wish I had thought of the joke first!

Eddie did an excellent job of capturing Tom’s stentorian sermons, so I was doubly impressed by the effectiveness of this comic. I just love reading the comics from people who really seem to "get" the characters. It makes me feel like when I’m writing them, things are less random. People understand who they are – their likes and dislikes.

Or, as Eddie’s comic implies, perhaps Eddie is a genius and my attempts at character development are highly transparent to him!

In either case, be sure to check out Edd Egg and come back here on Wednesday for more guest strip goodness!

Side note: There is a good chance that Cami and I are in Cannes, France as you read this. Part of our vacation tour takes us to Nice, France and we found out that Cannes is only a half hour to an hour away. So we’re going to try and get a train ticket to Cannes and wander around for the day. The film festival is going on right now, so if we see any celebrities, we’ll take pictures and post them here. We’re hoping to get into one of the movies playing at the festival for bragging rights. But I don’t know how likely that is! So what, really? We’ll be in Cannes during the festival! That’s a big score for a movie buff such as myself!

At any rate, thanks for checking in with us! See you here on Wednesday!

↓ Transcript

So, the movie everyone's talking about is now out! The DaVinci Code! Boy, there sure is a lot of controversy about that film!

Pah! Do you know what I think is dumb about all this "controversy"?

I don't but I'm sure you're about to share it with us.

People are taking it so seriously! I've read Dan Brown's Book and people who truly accept every single so-called "fact" as actually being true are amazingly naive border lining stupid.

The book is a work of fiction! It's a paper thin plot about a fugitive and a conveniently clever girl on a treasure hunt, layered with a ton of dubious interpretations delivered as truth. No-one should be really threatened by this, especially major religious groups, and no-one should believe everything they read! Does everyone really believe in boy wizards playing quidditch whilst hobbits are sneaking about looking for volcanoes? There's only one group of people dumber...


The people who actually went through the effort of reversing this comic strip to read it.