Today’s comic comes to us from David Smith, the creator of the web comic A Fairly Twisted Reality.

Dave is referencing the upcoming Adam Sandler movie Click – which I haven’t decided if it’s worth seeing yet or not. I watched Spanglish over the weekend and – although I hated Tea Leoni’s character – it’s interesting to watch Sandler stretch in a different direction. Doing a movie about a father who fast forwards through the "boring" parts of life only to learn a "valuable lesson" (TM) about missing what counts in the end feels like a step backwards. Seems like he’s slumming. People seem to like him. He has obvious marquee value. Why doesn’t he trade up?

But I digress. Thanks to David for the great comic. I really like how people are continuing to play with the idea that Victor has a secret crush on Tom. I swear there is more implied man-lovin’ in this strip than the FDA requires!

Be sure to check out David’s web comic, by the way. He’s got a really unique art style and I like some of the oddball stuff he has going on. Some of it is a little ribald – a little blue – but I think it comes from an honest place.

While I’m at it, I should probably mention our two new sponsors – Eejits and Hellbound. These two comics couldn’t be further apart.

Eejits is kind of an interesting art experiment where the creator posts images of the crazy, imaginative creatures in his head. The coloring this guy does is really amazing and some of the creatures he comes up with are really cute. Check it out.

Hellbound is a more complex affair. A very lovingly detailed narrative strip with several panels per update. There’s a great synopsis to help bring you up to speed on the story so far. Plus, you can read the comic in Italian! Who else does that?

That about does it for me. I’m kind of bummed that I’m not around to run commentary regarding all the "controversy" surrounding The Da Vinci Code. I have some strong opinions about it. I might try to tackle them when I get back. But don’t feel too bad for me. Cami and I will be in Nice, France on the 22 and we’re thinking about catching a train to Cannes for the film festival where we might check out Tom Hanks’ latest offering! Wish us luck!

↓ Transcript
Well that's the last time you pick a movie, but hey look on the plus side at least they had a preview for that new Adam Sandler movie!

Oh you mean the Twilight Zone rip-ff? I mean isn't it ovious what every NORMAL guy would do with a remote control that could stop time?


Uh, did... did you just kiss me?