I just wanted to say something really quickly about the book pre-orders before I talk about today’s guest strip.

Tomorrow Cami and I are going on vacation. It’s a long one. We won’t be back until May 30. When we get back, we have less than two weeks to really drive home pre-orders to meet the minimum requirement we need to be able to pay the printer. The deadline in June 11.

You guys were really great about placing your orders last week when I mentioned the deadline, so I want to mention it again. I’ve also posted a new graphic to the right of the comic that outlines EXACTLY what we need to make this a success.

If you’re thinking about buying the book, please do so now. How awesome would it be if Cami and I came back from vacation and found 225 pre-orders in my mailbox? That would be pretty flipping sweet!

So, once again, I stress that I need your help. You know the reasons why. Time is running out.

For those of you who have already placed your orders, you guys are awesome and I really appreciate your support. The time is drawing near. It won’t be long now until you get your copy delivered to your hot little hands!