Ugh, this comic stressed me out.

Caricature isn’t my strong point and deciding to spoof Michael Douglas in The Sentinel was not an easy task. He’s a goofy lookin’ dude, no doubt about it. That high forehead. The eyes set a little farther apart. The checkbones. The butt chin. I’m tellin’ ya – Douglas DNA is nothing to mess around with!

I haven’t seen The Sentinel, but I’m curious about it. I gotta admit, I’m a sucker for these political conspiracy movies where people are wrongly accused like U.S. Marshalls or Murder at 1600. Or maybe I have a secret fetish for Wesley Snpies. Who knows?

At any rate, I was watching Ebert & Roeper review the film this weekend and they totally pegged Douglas as the guy who takes roles where his character makes a supremely bad decision at the beginning – usually involving a woman or infidelity of some kind – and who spends the rest of the movie making up for that mistake. Maybe that was more of the nadir of his work in the 80’s, but it seems to be a theme to refer to from time to time.

I guess I shouldn’t really single out Douglas. After all, there are plenty of middle-aged action stars that tend to take the same role over and over. Harrison Ford, for example. Don’t believe me? Watch this clip.

That’s about it for the movie commentary. Now we move onto the book commentary.


Theater Hopper: Year One - Book On Sale Now!

I won’t lie to you. Pre-orders have come to a stand-still and I’m a little nervous. Yes, I know that I just announced the pre-sale last week and you’re probably putting your money together. But it would take a huge load off my mind if a few more of you would send in orders!

The site has been doing gangbusters lately in regards to traffic due to all the promotion I’m doing for the book. But before all the hullabaloo – we were seeing an average of 6,000 unique visitors a day. Believe me, I’m thankful for it.

But if less than one-tenth of you guys placed pre-orders today, that would solve a lot of problems for me – and help me sleep a little better at night. Believe me when I say the success of this pre-sale will dictate the direction Theater Hopper takes in the future in more ways than I can explain right now.

Look, I know $18.95 is a lot for book, but it’s totally worth your money. 200 pages in full color. Brand new commentary on every comic. 11 guest strips. A six-part crossover.  Look around at some of the other web comics selling books and tell me if they’re offering as much. You’re getting more than what you pay for.

If you’re thinking about ordering a book, please – don’t wait. ORDER TODAY!

↓ Transcript
So, Michael. Here's the pitch: You're a Secret Service agent trying to uncover an assassin, but all the clues point to you! We're gonna call it The Sentinel!

I dunno. It doesn't sound like there is as much infidelity as there is in my other sexy thrillers like Fatal Attraction and Disclosure!

Fine. You get to have an affair with the First Lady played by Kim Bassinger. Happy now?

Now you're talkin'!


Now why don't you show me that sexy Michael Douglas smile!

...the one no woman can resist!

Geeze! I've seen less wrinkles on an elephant!