I just wanted to send a shout-out to the people who have been helping me to promote the book today. As you can imagine, it’s been nerve-wracking trying to guess what the resonse will be. These stand up guys have really done a great job helping to spread the word.

First, thanks to Tim from Ctrl+Alt+Del. The number of hits he’s been sending my way are STAGGERING. I think Tim linked to me once a long time ago after I did a guest strip for him. I thought those numbers were impressive. Let’s just say he’s doing pretty well these days. You never really have a concept of how popular your contemporaries are until you’re linked by them.

At any rate, if you’re new to the site, welcome. I think you’ll find a lot of great stuff here if you’re into movies. Be sure to play around with the archive search function. Type in whatever you can think of. You’ll be surprised with some of the results it returns.

Oh, and if you have some extra money to throw around, don’t forget to pre-order a book!

I also want give thanks to Joe Dunn for a very nice write-up over at Joe Loves Crappy Movies. It means a lot.

Also Web Comics in Print gave us a plug as well as the consistently Bigger Than Cheeses – which has been on quite the roll lately, I must say!

Anyway, thanks to you all!

Some other news: I’ve installed a couple of book-related graphics between the comic and the blog. One of them is a reminder for you to take advantage of our street team offer. The other is a gauge that roughly shows you how far we need to go on the pre-order front before we have the funds needed to send the whole thing off to the printer.

Today was a good day. We’re a little less than one-tenth of the way to our goal. That’s very respectable – but I’d like to make sure we keep going strong! So if you’re thinking about pre-ordering, don’t wait! We need your support! Be sure to tell all your friends as well. Spread the news around the internet. Tell people about the book in the forum communities you visit or on your LiveJournal friends pages.

On average, there about 6,000 of you who check the site daily. If every one of you told a friend about Theater Hopper and what we’re doing with the book, that’s excellent word of mouth! You CAN make a difference!

Thanks again to everyone for their support! Launching this initiative has really shown me how tight the community is and how many great friends I’ve made doing this. I consider myself exceptionally lucky.