I had written a big blog about today’s comic, but it appears that my comments system at it.

Here’s the long and short of it.

  • 1. I’ve never done a big storyline revolving around the Oscars and I’m really excited about what I have put together.
  • 2. I’m selling shirts in the store (pre-sale ends March 8).
  • 3. I have a new sponsorship system (check out No Offense Taken)
  • 4. I’m doing a full week of comics.

Hopefully all of you will come back to the site onTuesday where I will go more in-depth to all of this. The post here for Monday’s comic has now become filler since the original post has gone AWOL.

↓ Transcript
So what do you want to see?

I dunno. How about Date Movie?

That looks dumb. What about Munich? We haven't seen all of the Best Picture nominees yet!

Yeah, except I can't bring myself to care much about Munich.

You disgust me.

Excuse me? Who asked you for your opi...


You're much taller than you look on TV.

Yeah. I get that a lot.