For today’s Web Comics List incentive sketch, I drew a picture of the man himself – Burt Reynolds.

My rendition looks a little lop-sided and goofy. But I think that’s okay, because the real Burt Reynolds is lop-sided and goofy. I keed! I keed!

I know today’s comic kind of feels like a non sequitur and you may think that it’s coming out of nowhere. But there is actually a good reason for all this talk about Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck and moustaches. Today is actually the unoffical celebration of national Burt Reynolds Day. To mark the occassion, several participating web comics have done strips centered around Mr. Reynolds. As I figure the majority of Burt’s work is in the movies, it seemed to fall well within our thematic scope. And thus, a commemorative comic was made. I hope you enjoyed it!

The holiday was the brain child of Boxcar Comics partner DJ Coffman. If you want the whole scoop behind the christening of the holiday, I strongly encourage you to check out his comic Yirmumah. Answers lie within.

As it happens, Burt’s birthday is on Saturday. Can you believe he’s 70? Yeah. Me either. Maybe you’d like to visit his web site or wish him well with an e-mail.

Not much else to report. Looks like Cami and I will be going to either The Pink Panther or Firewall. It’s a toss up. We know we’ll be dissapointed either way we turn. Do we risk Steve Martin trampling on Peter Seller’s legacy? Or do we bear witness to Harrison Ford’s physical decline as an action star – rolling our eyes as he beats up Paul Bettany.

Then again, I could probably take that pasty Brit to the cleaners, so maybe it’s not entirely implausible.

Have a great weekend, everybody!