It’s hard to think of good insults when you’re under threat of a Monty Python moment…

Cami and I went to see The 40 Year-Old Virgin this weekend and the exact scenario with the woman taking off her shoes and putting her feet up on the seat in front of her did transpire.

Well, everything except me calling her a “dirty pirate wench…” But the rest is all true!

This is the thing I don’t understand. This woman wasn’t some post-adolescent taking part in some kind of lazy summer-time rebellion. This wasn’t some girl casually kicking off her flip-flops and dangling her manicured toes over the seat in front of her.

No. The woman in question was middle-aged. In attendance with friends. Some of them balding. My point? She should have known better.

Folks, she had to unlace her shoes and take off her socks to perform this gross trespass against common decency. C’mon. That’s like taking off your pants in a crowded restaurant to scratch your ass.

Anyway, I’m only leaving a quick thought about The 40 Year-Old Virgin because I’m tired and need to go to bed soon.

I loved it. Honest to goodness, I think it’s the most entertaining movie I’ve been to all year. I liked it even better than I liked Batman Begins. I liked it better than I liked Wedding Crashers. And now that Cami knows that action figures are now a sound investment, she can’t make fun of me when I buy 5 or 6 figures from the Marvel Legends line.

I’m happy for Steve Carell. There was this lingering question if he could carry a movie by himself. I think he knocked it out of the park. He makes his character more real just by playing it straight.

Director/writer Judd Apatow has now cemented my status as a life-long fan. I think his script was brilliant. I was even more pleased to learn that his second canceled sitcom – Undeclared – was just released in its entirety on DVD, which I did not know. I will be snapping that up shortly.

Overall, I’m happy for the R-rated sex comedy. Hopefully the success of this film and Wedding Crashers will prove to Hollywood that there is an older audience out there starving for smart entertainment instead of films that have been watered down for a PG-13 rating and the loose purse strings of the fiscally irresponsible youth of America.

I was really pleased to see the support you guys have shown for the Theater Hopper LiveJournal syndication feed. Since it would seem that simply mentioning it gets people to add it to their LiveJournal friends list, I’m doing so again today. If you want updates to the comic and the blog as soon as they’re posted, this is the most direct line to them.

Well, it’s not as direct as actually checking the site first, but you know what I mean..

↓ Transcript
Oh. My. Goodness. Would you look at that?


That woman!

She’s kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on the seat in front of her!

The thought of those gross, sweaty sausages fouling up that seat…

The inconsideration! Does this woman think she lives here?

Hey, you stinky pirate wench! Show some common courtesy and throw on some shoes!

When you’re done doing that, how about marching your dumb ass off to charm school!