You might be curious about the squat, jaundiced man sitting next to Jared in today’s guest strip. Don’t worry, I was slightly thrown for a loop as well.

Our new rotund friend is Bob, star of Krishna Sadasivam’s PC Weenies. After receiving this comic, I went out to check out Krishna’s work and it’s great. Top-notch nerd humor. I.T. guys are going to get a real kick out of it.

What I really like about this strip is how true to life it is. I could finish a full lunch – a giant hamburger cooked medium well, juices running down my chin, a side order of fries, a tall soda… and if I take one step into a movie theater not 10 minutes later, I’ll be like “Ooo! Kettle Corn! Gotta get a bag of that!”

Thanks again for the great strip, Krishna!

↓ Transcript
I'm hungry. I'm gonna go to the snack bar.

Food, food, food. Bob, for Pete's sake, we just ahd lunch like ten minutes ago.

Maybe if you cut down on the junk food, you'd actually lose some weight.

Since you're going, can you get me a large Coke and some extra buttery popcorn?