Although I was a little concerned with the direction the punchline might take after the mention of a “bigger Thing” in panel 3, I thought this guest strip from Phil “Insert Obligatory Shatner-esque Scream Here” Kahn did a bang up job writing dialogue that sounds fairly close to how I typically dismiss lousy movies.

Phil actually has his own web comic. But, honoring his wishes, I’m not going to tell you what it’s called! Instead, Phil has asked me to refer you to Biscuit Press – the web comic collective of which he is a member. There are five great comics there for you to check out and Phil’s is one of them. How’s ∗that∗ for solidarity!

Thanks again Phil for the great comic!

↓ Transcript
Wow, Fantastic Four. Whadjya think?

Fantastic Four? Pfft... More like Fantastic BORE!

I dunno, I liked how they did Dr. Doom's armor.

Dr. Doom? Bah! More like Dr. GOON!

I was a little disappointed that The Thing wasn't bigger.

The Thing? Feh. More like THE DING... A-LING!

Tom, stop that right now.

Kssht... More like-