Even when they post the warning in big, red labels; leave it to Tom to ignore it.

Gotta say I was really happy with the way today’s comic turned out. I spent a little extra time on the shading, background lighting and smoke effects to get the mood right. I don’t usually give myself a pat on the back, but this one makes me a little proud.

Feel free to knock me down a few pegs. Keep me humble.

Another reason I liked today’s comic was because it kind of follows the emerging Theater Hopper tradition of using a wrist-mounted delivery apparatus to douse Jared’s face in dangerous chemicals.

Keeping the blog short for now, but I’ll be back later with some thoughts about Batman Begins.

↓ Transcript
So how was Batman Begins?

It was great! The Scarecrow was SOOO creepy! They even gave us a free sample of his "fear gas" at the midnight showing?




Good news, Bat-fans! The success of Batman Begins has lured me back to the director's chair! I'll be directing the sequel!

The nipples on the bat-suit will be bigger than ever. So swears Joel Schumacher!