We have a thing in the THorum called The Friday Five. It’s a little tradition we’ve developed that started about a year ago. Actually, it was March 19, 2004 that we kicked things off – so this is good timing.

The process is extraordinarily simple. We ask the group 5 questions each week. You answer them. Every Friday, you get 5 new questions. Sometimes we use questions submitted by the group. Sometimes I use my own questions. Overall, it’s a great way to indoctrinate yourself into the THorum and a good way to learn a lot about the people who have already established themselves. Think of it as a primer for people who aren’t entirely comfortable in online communities.

The Friday Five is open to anyone who wants to sign up for the THorum and participate. I strongly suggest you do. It’s a lot of fun, and it exercises some different thinking. We have a lot of fun with it each week and I feel that it’s gone a long way to forging the pleasant, understanding, relatively drama-free community we have.

Check it out.