Something I think everyone needs to know about is that Brian Carroll has returned to his web comic roots with a brand new Instant Classic story. It’s called “Brothers Donathan” and it takes place one year after the events of the Prologue and about four years before the events to take place in the “Union Forever” storyline Carroll has yet to share with us.

Brian’s been kind of having a rough time of things lately, so it’s good to see him pouring his energy into his art. I’ve always enjoyed his style and know for a fact he can run circles around the majority of web comic writers out there when it comes to plot and characterization.

All you have to do is look at the home page of the Instant Classic web site to know that Brian has some pretty lofty, long-term ambitions. There is a story with a far-reaching scope just waiting to be told. You can tell he’s thought it all out. I wish I could plan that well in advance.

Anyway, welcome back, Brian Carroll. The movie-themed web comic genre is a little less lonesome with you in it.