This is something I forgot to write about, but then thought that it was worth its own little news post. I’m talking about voting for Theater Hopper at buzzComix.

As you guys probably know, we’ve be showing a strong placement in the number two spot for a couple of weeks now. I couldn’t be more proud. This is the highest ranking we’ve sustained in a quite a while. It’s noteworthy.

Of course, it’s been a little difficult to get around the current number one comic Order of the Stick. They’re about… oh, 40,000 ahead of us at the moment.

But the good news is this: After this month, OotS will be retired and placed in the Hall of Fame over at buzzComix, thus clearing the path for new comics to make it to the top. I figure we’ve been doing so well at number two for the last few weeks, why not make a push for number one?

This isn’t a “have to” situation and I know we were certainly helped by the hits we were getting from PvP earlier in the month, but it’s a nice goal to have. It’s just a bug I want to put in your ear when the buzzComix database resets at the first of the month.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!