Yeah, I know it’s kind of lame to keep taking pot-shots at Gigli in our post-Bennifer world climate, but Ishtar and Waterworld jokes are even staler. Bear with me.

Lame jokes aside, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. If you’re traveling, I hope you make it to and from your destinations safely.

Thanksgiving kind of gets a bad rap because of the whole “My Crazy Family!” syndrome. But I find that the older you get, the less you interpret your family’s quirks as annoying. Somewhere in your 20’s they start to become endearing. I know some people who dread Thanksgiving because they don’t want to be around their families. But even if it’s a bad experience, you know these gatherings spawn the events you’ll be talking about for the rest of the year.

Anyway, happy Turkey Day, all.

Something I neglected to mention in Monday’s blog was actually pretty big news. After taking last Friday off from work, I labored tirelessly at home to bring the store up to speed. If you were to check it out now, you’d notice that the posters page is up and running. You’d also be aware that there are only 14 copies of the original Theater Hopper poster left! If you remember, only 100 were produced, all signed and numbered by yours truly. So they’re a real unique piece of web comic history and a pretty exclusive club to belong to!

The apparel section of the site has been updated as well. For starters, the “Spoiler” tee shirt and hoodie are back up for sale. If you missed it the first time around, now is the chance to place your order. I’m getting feedback and pictures from people who have received their shirts and they love them!

If you visit the shirt and hoodie pages, you’ll also notice that I added a NEW item called “Professional Movie Goer”. The inspiration for this design came from this strip when Jimmy flashed one of Tom’s “Professional Movie Goer” business cards back at him. Now you can let everyone at the multiplex know that you are the only one in attendance QUALIFIED enough to be called a professional!

I think the shirt that I’m most proud of is our new baby doll exclusive – “Truman in a Purse”. Taken directly from this comic where Cami celebrates Legally Blonde 2, now all the ladies can have Truman for their very own! We’re offering this in a TON of colors. 11, to be exact. So everyone should find something that fits their style!

I am currently taking pre-orders for all clothing items through December 10th, so place your order now to reserve your shirt! Due to the time it will take to get these back from the printer, I’m afraid I will NOT be able to meet any orders for holiday delivery. It’s a rough estimate at the moment, but I envision these shirts shipping sometime before the end of the year.

That’s pretty much all I have for the moment. Thanks again for everyone’s support. Best wishes and happy holidays!

↓ Transcript
Every thanksgiving, the Brazelton family celebrates the holiday with the biggest turkey we can find.

Of course, in our household, the word “turkey” takes on a whole new meaning!

It’s cinematic salmonella!

Oh, man... I can’t believe we watched the whole thing!

I think I’m going to be sick!