Was it silly of Cami to refuse that woman’s reward? Probably not. But it sure would have come in handy when Tom and Cami wanted to grab a bite to eat later! If you want to see what I’m talking about, just vote for Theater Hopper at buzzComix to see the special incentive sketch.

Real quick, regarding the voting, many thanks to those of you who came back to the site every day to lend your support. You guys did a great job. We didn’t get the top spot, but it looks like we’ve lodged ourselves in a pretty solid third place. I’m happy with that. As such, don’t expect me to bother you about voting for the rest of the month, or at least not as much emphasis on it. I’m positive you guys are probably as tired of me pestering you for votes as I am whittling away a little piece of my integrity every time I do it.

I’ll probably still keep drawing incentive sketches. I think they’re a fun way to show a different facet of the comic by adding a little something extra and I know some of you have come to enjoy them. But don’t expect me to shill and shill and shill for your votes anymore. It’s too exhausting.

To that end, Theater Hopper will go back to its regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule next week.

Maybe you noticed, but today marks the occasion of Theater Hopper’s 350th comic. I always get a little reflective around these milestones. I can’t help it. I still marvel that this is something that I do and people come around to check it out and support it.

I don’t have anything particularly insightful to say about it right now, but know that the direction I want to take the comic is at the forefront of my mind. There are things I’ve been doing for too long that need to change. Habits I need to break. I’m not talking about the comic itself, mind you. But rather how I approach the behind-the-scenes stuff. The THorum. The merchandising. The philosophy of the comic’s purpose. Changes need to be made. I’m just not sure what those changes are just yet.

For me, Theater Hopper has been not only about creative expression, but self-improvement. Over the course of nearly two and a half years I’ve struggled to improve the writing, improve the art and improve myself. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it comes off all wrong. But if I’m not trying new things with the comic, the site, the business or how I choose to manage all of them, then we’re not moving forward. If we aren’t moving forward, there’s no point.

Sorry if this is spooking anyone. Milestones. Reflective. You know how it goes. Maybe we should move away from this line of discussion and talk more about the comic and the movie that inspired me this week

↓ Transcript
You saved my baby! How can I ever repay you?

I dunno. A hundred bucks?

Keep your money, ma’am. Helping your daughter was payment enough!

Thank you! God Bless!

What about my reward?

Oh, I’ve got your reward right here.