Is it possible that humble theater employees leap into action as dashing super heroes when you’re not looking? Hey, stranger things have happened!

For those of you wondering how I am planning to wrap up this now month-long story arc like I said I would on Monday… Well, I’m not. I’ve decided that I can’t deliver the emotional closer of the arc in the time I allotted myself, so I’m stringing things out for another week. Hopefully that is satisfactory with everybody. Even though I am having some of the most fun I’ve ever had drawing these strips and telling these stories, I fret every day that there are readers out there rolling their eyes and saying “GET ON WITH IT, MAN!”

But trust me. After next Friday, it’ll be done. I have the conclusion plotted out, written down. It’s 90% in stone. I say 90% because I’m sure there will be some small dialogue revisions here and there. But as far as the pacing and the structure are concerned, it’s set.

Oh, and did I mention there will be SPECIAL CAMEO APPEARANCES in the upcoming strips? I figured the story had grown to epic enough proportions that a little cameo action wasn’t out of the question. Be on the lookout for that.

Is anyone going to be that upset that I’m not talking about movies for another couple weeks? There really isn’t that much out there worth “Ooohing!” and “Aaahing!” about. I guess I was pretty surprised that the new Julianne Moore flick The Forgotten pulled in $22 million this last weekend. Especially considering that Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow has only made $26 million in TWO weeks. Considering it cost $70 million to make, I think we can label it a flop. I haven’t seen it yet, but I have a feeling I would like it. Too bad it’s not doing so well. Hopefully it can make up the difference on home video in a couple of months…

I’m still kicking around the idea of collecting these strips into a mini trade paperback. It’s probably a good thing that it’s going on a little longer. I can add a few more strips to the book to keep it from being pamphlet size. Of course, I’m still considering the option of adding extra bonus strips to sneak into the story between comics that appear on the site. That’s so you’ll sleep a little better a night having bought something a little more exclusive than what you can already get on the site for free.

First day sales of the brand new Spoiler t-shirt have been strong. People seem to be really enjoying the color and style options. I know some of you are waiting for payday before buying your shirt, but don’t worry. I’m accepting pre-orders through October 15. Many thanks to those who have already purchased your shirt!

That about does it for me. Not much news to report. I’m just plugging away at the comic, hoping you’re enjoying it! I’ll be in touch again soon!

↓ Transcript
Oh, my gosh… TOM! Come quick and bring your car keys! We have to go!

Uh… okay. Maybe I should drive?

You seem really agitated, man. What’s going on?