I know I mentioned some big new in my earlier blog. Well, this isn’t it. But it is AS EQUALLY big!

Taking a page from my playbook, Cami teased the THorumites with the prospect of a special surprise. Today, we’re ready to announce it!

After watching my piece of original art fly out the door last week, Cami took it upon herself to use her creative skills to produce two, HAND-MADE ORIGINAL Theater Hopper dolls! Representing Tom and Cami in their full, felt glory – each doll is approximately 14″ tall and is ready to go home with you!

To improve your chances of getting your hands on these one-of-a-kind collectors items, we are selling the two dolls seperately. If you’re desperate to own both as a set, well, it’ll be a blood-thirsty bidding war that we will all watch with breathless anticipation!

Click here for the Cami doll listing.

Click here for the Tom doll listing.

I can not underestimate how unique these dolls are. They will become the envy of Theater Hopper fans everywhere. Imagine! Theater Hopper dolls! Made in our house, by Cami sitting next to your computer. Smiling benevolently as if to say “Good purchase, friend.”

The auction will end next Monday the 12th. Until then, take back your aluminum cans and check the couch cushions for spare change. You’ll need every red cent you can get your hands on to make sure you walk away with these one-of-a-kind dolls!

You may now go back to breathing regularly. 😉