It IS true that long time Star Trek producer Rick Berman is looking into filming an eleventh Star Trek movie. But since the cast of The Next Generation announced (in unison, I presume) that the Gawd-awful Nemesis would be their swan song, Berman has had to rely on his wits to get by.

His answer? A prequel!

Yes, Rick Berman isn’t satisfied until he’s ruined everything Gene Roddenberry hoped to accomplish with his franchise.

You’ll have to apologize for the lame Khan joke that kicks off today’s strip. It’s been done before and by better comics. But I felt it was a necessary device to get to the William Shatner underwear-stealing gag I had saved for the last panel.

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↓ Transcript
So did you read that Star Trek producer Rick Berman said they might be making a new Star Trek movie? It might be a prequel. Sounds like a CON to me.



I thought your New Year's resolution was to stop dropping that into polite conversation.

Yeah? Well...

...I also resolved to stop raiding William Shatner's garbage, but you don't see me doing that either, now do you?