I’ve been playing a lot of Prince of Persia on my PS2 lately, so today’s BuzzComix voting incentive sketch reflects that…

Today’s comic refers to the forthcoming travelog/sex romp Eurotrip landing with a *SPLAT!* into theaters this Friday. To me it looks a lot like the American classic (note:sarcasm) Road Trip except… y’know, in Europe! I guess it doesn’t help that this impression is re-enforced by the advertisements which freely proclaim that the same producers behind Road Trip are behind this pale imitator.

Another thing the film seems to be freely proclaiming is co-star Michelle Trachtenberg’s sexual independence. Every time the ads come on TV, I do a double-take and say “Is that who I think it was?” And then Cami, in her indicate patience, explains that “Yes. This is the same girl who just a scant 5 years ago played Penny in Inspector Gadget.” At this point I crawl into a corner with a blanket I shake in terror at the prospect of raising a daughter who will grow up in this kind of culture.

I mean, this was the same girl who portrayed the precocious star of the children’s book favorite Harriet the Spy. Now she’s tramping it up across Europe!

I know some of you are going to fire back that she was approaching more adult themes when she was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer playing Buffy’s long lost sister Dawn. Maybe. But to me, this is a much more aggressive maneuver. The Eurotrip poster is practically THREE DIMENSIONAL when you consider the pose they have her sitting in. What I really like about the poster is the guy who is pointing off into the distance totally oblivious to the miracle of modern science known as the Wonderbra taking place just beyond his periphery.

I don’t want to seem like a fuddy-duddy or, frankly, anything less than 100% American Stud – but these kind of attention-getting tactics are so transparent to me. It makes me sad. I mean, if that’s the route you’re going to take to get noticed, why not just sign up with Playboy and get it over with? This isn’t saying I probably won’t see Eurotrip this weekend. I’m in the mood for a dumb comedy right about now. But for God’s sake, Michelle. Cover up!

↓ Transcript
Hey, do you remember that child actress Michelle Trachtenberg?

Yeah. She was in Harriet the Spy and played Penny in Inspector Gadget.

Well, she's in that new movie Eurotrip. TAKE A LOOK AT HER NOW!


Yes. I think I'll definitely being going to hell for that one...

Hang on while I get my picture of The Olsen Twins!