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So today is the culmination of The Cult of Sandler storyline. I’ve been getting some really positive feedback on it, so I guess you enjoyed it! Who knows, maybe our favorite cloaked fanboys will reappear sometime! They seemed to have gone over pretty well.

I feel a little guilty that I’m not doing a Valentine’s Day related strip. You might remember this time last year when I wrapped up my Ben Affleck/Daredevil storyline with some loving sentiment. I like doing that kind of stuff, y’know? Proclaiming my love in public. It’s fun!

The web comic landscape certainly seems to be shifting recently. First Movie Punks and Movie Comics called it quits. Now Mall Monkeys is closing up shop, too. Damn shame. Those guys really left an impression on the community – good or bad, they left an impression.

Of course, I can’t complain too much when co-conspirator Mitch Clem is bringing back Nothing Nice to Say! Start pounding the drums of war now, kiddies. Mitch is coming back to show us how it’s done!

Beyond that, I hope everyone has a good Hallmark holiday. It’s funny. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’m super cynical. I don’t want to give gifts and remind everyone that the holiday was invented by marketing people to help the diamond industry sell more engagement rings.

But then I sit down and think about how much I love Cami and everything I want to do for her and things aren’t so curmudgeonly after all. I mean, if you were going to celebrate anything, love is a good place to start!.

Take care, everyone.

↓ Transcript
I am so excited to see 50 First Dates, Tom! This is going to be a great Valentine's date movie!

I think so, too, Cami. I'll be down in a minute.


I'll get that.

The Cult of Sandler calls you home, Praetor Brazelton! Come with us!

Stay back, Mindless Ones! You know not the power I possess!

My robes!

Run! She is still imbued with Sandler's ancient evil!

Honey, who was at the door?

Just some guys selling magazines.

I hope you weren't too rough with them.

Nothing I can't handle.