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Along Came Polly was number one at the box office this weekend. It took a pretty big haul – a little over $27 million. I’ll admit, it looked interesting to me at first. But then I sat back and thought about it. Ben Stiller has played the “neurotic-guy-looking-for-love-and-confronts-his-fears” character in romantic comedies too many times. There’s only so many ways you can devise to humiliate and mortify this archetype on screen. Frankly, it’s old hat.

Everyone knows that Stiller has the chops to do something more. Reality Bites, Permanent Midnight and The Royal Tenenbaums are all proof of that. So why go slumming in these sitcom-level features? And if you’re going to do a movie for a paycheck, why not switch it up a bit?

I feel bad for Jennifer Aniston. Another great talent – comic timing you could set your watch by. But from the reviews I’ve read, it sounds like she’s stuck in another thankless girlfriend role. When you consider Bruce Almighty, Rock Star and Office Space, she’s racking up a gnarly little streak, too.

Some of you might have noticed that the forums have been reinstalled. Well, they’re not in full-swing just yet. I’ve decided to hold off on that until I can make a few more tweaks.

Something about the old forum that really kind of burned me was that I couldn’t get it to look anything like the rest of the site. I’ve tried monkeying around with the administration controls, but I can’t get the level of customization that I’m after. From the looks of things, I need to lay out my own version of the forum complete with the background images and color schemes that I want. Trouble is, I’m not sure how to do that without rendering the whole thing inoperable.

That’s why I’m putting out the call to you guys. I need someone with PHPBB2 experience – to help me whip this thing into shape. If you have experience with your own forum or know someone who does, please referr them to me. I would be interested in talking to them.

↓ Transcript
Ben! This is your agent! I have a great deal lined up for you!

Martin Scorsese is looking at you for his next picture. Anthony Hopkins has already signed to co-star.

No dice, man. I’m Ben-Frickin-Stiller! My audience expects a certain level of quality from me.

There’s Something About Mary, Meet the Parents. Any of those movies ring a bell?

Now why don’t you do your job and find me another romantic comedy where I get drenched in bodily fluids!

Warner Bros. Studio, Lot 7. Four months later.


CUT! Great take!

Heh, heh. Who needs industry respect now, Scorsese?