Part of me feels that I need to move away from The Return of The King and start making fun of some other films ripe for parody. I have jokes for Mona Lisa Smile and Cheaper By The Dozen waiting on deck, itching for an opportunity to show you what they’ve got. It’s like sending in a closer during the World Series.

Just a quick note about Return of The King that brought a smile to my face. It’s 3 day weekend take was almost $74 million. It’s closest competitor was Mona Lisa Smile and it only took $12 million.

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↓ Transcript
When seeing Return of the King in theaters with a large group of people, a certain amount of crowd participation is expected.

Yeah! Slay that orc!

Cheering, for example…

…Or expressing concern for the characters.
Ooo! Will Frodo make it back to the Shire in one piece?

But some reactions…

Aragorn! I want to have your man-babies!

…Are better kept to yourself.