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  1. Wayne

    Um.. is there a comic missing?

  2. Tom


    Thanks, Wayne, for pointing this out. Since we moved the site to WordPress in January, I’ve been cleaning up stuff like this.

  3. Rory

    I’ve never heard of an “open matte” film… the closest thing I can think of is that there are little metal frames that go in the projector – two different sizes depending on if the film is flat or scope (type of lens used to view the film). But not placing one of those frames in the projector will completely distort the film. I know this because I once forgot when switching lenses between two different films. Putting the wrong plate in also distorts the film (which I discovered when my manager left the projector with no lens or plate in when switching movies…)

    As for the employees not being in the lobby, that’s a big no-no in the theatre industry. Someone always, always has to be in the lobby for security reasons. Privately owned theatres may have a different policy, but it’s just plain stupid for many reason not to have it as such. With it being only one screen – that raises even more questions. Theatres with only one screen don’t have a clean up crew. The concessionists, projectionists, and basically just about *anyone* working at that theatre is also the clean-up crew so they aren’t leaving until everyone is out & they have the auditorium cleaned. Doesn’t sound like they take care of their business very well to me.

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