Well, that concludes are little goth saga for the week. I hope you enjoyed it. I know I did. Its fun exercise to graft a new look and personality on one of the characters. Things should be (relatively) back to normal on Monday.

This weekend is pretty big for new releases. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed because I’m not sure what we’ll see first.

Obviously, I’d like to see Underworld. But Cami doesn’t care much for vampires or werewolves. Funny. She never had a problem with Interview with the Vampire. I guess when a bloodsucker is played by Brad Pitt, it’s not so difficult to stomache.

Oddly, Cami is interested in seeing Cold Creek Manor this weekend. I don’t care much for Sharon Stone, but I’ve been very interested in Dennis Quaid ever since Frequency and The Rookie. He’s one of the few actors I’ve come to respect more the older he gets. He just seems more and more comfortable on screen. Plus, I like good haunted house stories… suspense, not gore. I think this will be the pony to bet on this weekend.

Beyond that, not much else to say. Seriously.

↓ Transcript
Goth Jared, you can't go out in public dressed this way! You'll be pummeled by the first jock that lays eyes on you!

Excuse me, but I'm a jock. Did I hear right? Are you a Goth?


May I?

If you must.

This is a pretty good movie. Too bad you can't see it.

Shut up.