I found today’s strip to be very funny. I for one will definately check out the strip tomorrow (as if I am not checking it daily anyway.)

I am looking forward to seeing Underworld. If Kate Beckinsale looks half as good in this movie as she was in Serendipity, then I know the movie will be sweet. (I know looks aren’t everything, but she is obviously cool and that is the most important thing.)

If I am not making any sense, it could be the cold medicine.

Anyway, I rented the movies Scratch and Dead Calm. Scratch is a documentary about turntablism. It was pretty cool. It inspired me to dust off my 1200’s and spin a few tunes before remembering why I gave up the dream of becoming a turntablist myself. #1 I suck at it.

Still fun though.

Dead Calm was dead cool. I liked it a lot, though I wanted to know more about Billy Zane’s experiences before hooking up with Nicole Kidaman and Sam Neill.

I also watched City Slickers 2 and was entertained. It was quite a bit better than I had envisioned, but still not as good as the original. Every time I look at Billy Crystal I think of his character in Monsters Inc.

I went to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico last Saturday. I was again entertained, but I am unsure if I really liked it or thought it was good. It definately had good parts, but as a whole the movie was a little jumbled. This would not be a good film for someone who can’t apply suspension on disbelief. A great (as usual) performance from Johnny Depp helped this movie greatly.

Stick around for the closing credits. There is a lot of crazy guitar music which takes advantage of the surround sound.