Part of me feels like I should apologize for today’s strip, while the other part of me can’t stop giggling at its absurdity.

Hey, if nothing else – I sent you into the weekend with an endearing image!

You’ve probably heard by now that New Line is planning on re-releasing the first two installments of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy before the release of Return of the King – the final installment.

The butt-numb-a-thon won’t happen everywhere – just a handful of markets and it is generally considered more of a publicity stunt to generate buzz about RotK than anything else.

That’s a damn shame. I wish more theaters were getting the trilogy in one fell swoop. Sure, it would take endurance. But if there was ever a group of people who could tolerate staring into space, stewing in their own butt juices, it’s Tolkien fans.

That, or Deadheads.

Ooo… I’m gonna get some mail for that one! Just kidding, my little Cherry Garcias!

I’m really looking forward to the Labor Day weekend. Tomorrow I have an afternoon wedding to attend and a bachelor party immediately following!

On Sunday I’m going out to lunch with my parents and dinner with a bunch of friends. Why? Because on Monday, it will be CAMI’S BIRTHDAY! I’m sure I will repeat it on the first, but it never hurts to send birthday greetings ahead of time!

There will also be a few layout changes when you come back to the site on Monday, so get ready for that!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Sorry about all the ass in today’s comic…

↓ Transcript
Excuse me, but why are you squeezing a Popppin' Martian between your butt cheeks?

They're gong to release all three Lord of the Rings movies into theaters this winter. I'm training my butt so I can endure 9 hours in Middle Earth.

That has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever... WHOOPS! Butterfingers! I dropped my pencil!

WAIT! Let me see if I can pick it up with my ass yet!