Tom Hanks laughs hysterically at a huge hole in his floor. I feel comforted. Watching the Money Pit was just what I needed. The plumber has left and I am no longer in danger of flooding my basement with raw sewage. A bright orange extension cord runs from the bedroom, across the dining room, and into the kitchen. This powers the refrigerator, which holds tasty morsels of food we cannot eat. The rest of the kitchen is without power. The might of The George Foreman Grill knocked out our breaker like it was a blind superflyweight senior citizen.

The electrician is coming later. In the meantime, we will just eat out. Again.

Our new house is cool, ‘cause – hey, it’s a house! But I think our checkbook has a hole in it.

Anyway, I watched 18 Again. It was fairly entertaining. The kid acting like George Burns reminded me of my friend Tanner Taylor, the Minneapolis piano player. To our readers in the Twin Cities, you should really check him out, he’s great.

I have discovered a new proverbial candy store: Video Warehouse. They have so many movies there that I have not seen. I plan to rent a mother load this weekend. My wife is traveling to the commonwealth of Kentucky, so I get to go on a movie binge. I’ll let you know next week how it works out.