Just a few quick things.

I had a chance to see the posters and these things are swiggity sweet! The material is high quality and the art is wonderful of course Don’t think that Tom is just tooting his horn about these things. These are a gift to you! (Note: You still have to pay.)

Don’t kick your own ass later because you didn’t get one ordered in time, these are limited and it looks like the demand is pretty high. Plus, future merchandise depends upon the success of this art. I for one feel that this is important. Hopefully you love Theater Hopper as much as I do, share the love!

On another note, I watched Dirty Work again the other night. Did you know this film was directed by Bob Saget? Weird. Although this movie didn’t receive glorious reviews, I think it is darn funny. That’s right… Darn!

Anyway, have a kickin’ weekend and don’t forget to order a poster on Monday!