I wish I could tell some grand tale of angst that lead me to create today’s strip, but truth be told, I was strapped for ideas.

Originally, I was going to do a strip about forgetting my wallet at the theater while attempting to buy tickets. This really happened to me on Friday when we went to see Old School. The punch line would have been something like “It’s like those dreams where you’re standing around in your underwear!” And there I would be in my skivvies.

But then I thought, “Nah. It’s been done.”

Then I was going to do a strip about The Pianist. It was pretty much a one note affair (no pun) that was a play on the pronunciation of the movie’s title. I’m sure if you take a minute to pause, you can envision where I’m going. Figuring it was kind of third grade, I decided to pass.

Today’s strip doesn’t relate to anything other than my utter disappointment with the big screen offerings Chris Rock seems to be falling for these days. If you’ve seen the trailer for Head of State, you know what I’m talking about. Bad Company, Pootie Tang, Down to Earth. This guy has to be one of the sharpest social satirists of the modern age and he’s making this crap? Oh, well. I guess Richard Pryor was in Superman III.

As I mentioned above, I was able to go out and see Old School this weekend. I was going to write a review about it, but truthfully remember very little of the movie. Maybe it was the beer I drank before the late showing to get into the spirit or maybe it was because there was nothing particularly worth recalling in detail.

The film was funny, but I don’t remember any scenes worth re-enacting for my friends and co-workers. Will Ferrell is the best reason to see the movie. His performance makes up for everything Luke Wilson lacks and smooths over the rough edges of Vince Vaughn’s character, who is somewhat unlikable.

Ferrell plays things kind of dumb, but delivers his lines in a way that milks every last ounce of funny from what he has to work with. Surprise cameos from Sean William Scott and Andy Dick played well.

I’d probably see the movie again when it comes out on video. Actually, I’d probably buy it on DVD. But I have no need to see it in a theater again. Check it out if you’re looking for a movie where you can just turn off your brain and laugh for an hour and a half.

In site news, I am working on implementing a script that will result in the site being converted to .php format. I grabbed the script from Comrade F, who you may have noticed running around over at Snafu Comics and Mall Monkeys. He’s a good guy and has been helping me with the conversion.

Making the upgrade shouldn’t affect your viewing of the strip, but it will help me to keep the site more organized. There may be a few tweaks involving the addition of graphics, but that can only enhance your experience in my estimation.

Anyway, in March I will have been in the game for half a year. I figure now is the time to get serious about things before the archive gets too big for me to manage.

Just something for your breadbox.

↓ Transcript
Tom, do you ever stop to think about what we're doing with our lives?


I mean, life goes by so fast! Why are we wasting it watching movies every weekend?!


Sometimes I am so overwhelmed! The universe is limitless and yet we've chosen to insulate our existence within the walls of a tiny, darkened theater!

I'm sorry. I wasn't listening. I had a Milk Dud stuck in my teeth.

I know. I just needed something less depressing to occupy my mind.

Chris Rock as President? C'MON!