For the record, yes, I did give my wife My Big Fat Greek Wedding on DVD for a Valentine’s Day present. Considering my total loathing of the picture, I think that’s a pretty clear indicator of how much I appreciate her.

Nothing shows affection like purchasing movies you hate for the ones you love.

We watched the film, and I didn’t find it nearly as offensive as I did when I saw it on the big screen. I still don’t like the picture, but I attribute a less bile-inducing response to subjected exposure. Kind of like pornography – if you see a lot of it, the stuff eventually fails to elicit a response.

Not that I would know anything about pornography, but I have been watching my local Fox affiliate lately…

Valentine’s Day was kind of a bust here in Central Iowa. We were buried by almost a foot of snow. Of course, this isn’t going on DURING THE DAY (so I can go home from work early), but at about 7 o’clock when everyone about to hit the town. We were going to go to a nice restaurant in another town, but due to all the snow and ice, ate at a sports bar close to home. We still had a good time, though. Probably a better time than we would have had at the fancy place. Pabst Blue Ribbon will do that for ‘ya.

We spent the better part of Saturday locked in the house, unable to leave until plows came by about 5PM. Thank God they did because we had tickets to see Lewis Black from The Daily Show at a local comedy club at 10. Probably the funniest hour I’ve spent in a darkened room. A bucket full of Budwiser will do that for ‘ya. 😉

We were able to move about more freely on Sunday and I had a chance to get out and see a matinee of Daredevil. A heavy price will have to be paid, of course. I promised Cami we would see a late show of How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days tonight. The title of today’s comic never rang so true.

I thought Daredevil was a really good movie and it surprised me in a lot of ways. Namely, the violence. It’s pretty severe. There are lots of stabbings similar to the one that started last week’s storyline. Daredevil is DEFINITELY NOT a movie to take your kids to.

I’ve whipped up a review that goes into more detail regarding my reaction to the film. You might want to check that out if you’re interested.

In other geek news, I was happier than a pig in mucky-muck to watch The Simpsons 300th episode tonight. The dynamic of being a fan has changed since the show hit its stride in the 3rd season. Apparently, it’s cool to slag the show now. But I’m still a big a fan as ever. Just thought I would share that.

After The Simpsons, I stuck with Fox and watched the Married… with Children reunion show. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the show in syndication and it made me realize how much of my warped sense of humor was inspired by that show. I don’t know if the program really ever got the respect it deserved. In retrospect, it was pretty trashy. But it did do a lot to break down barriers in television. Certain things you just didn’t see on television before Married… With Children was on the air. They changed the rules on a lot of things. I still think Ed O’Neil is one funny S.O.B.

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This is kind of a late Valentine's Day present, but I want you to know I had to break down a lot of personal barriers to get it for you.

OHMIGOD! Is that My Big, Fat Greek Wedding on DVD?


Okay, now you touched that with your bare hands! I'm going to need you to wash up real good before you can come near me again!


You are SO sweet!