Looks like it pays to check out the site on days other than Monday, Wednesday and Friday, eh?! You just got treated to an extra strip! You lucky dog you!

A few factors went in to producing an extra strip for Tuesday. Remember yesterday when I was talking about all of the great jokes I could come up with this week? Well, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and dish out the funny.

That’s right. Just because I FEEL LIKE IT, I’m putting together a FULL WEEK of strips. So, I know you’ll be checking back tomorrow out of force of habit, but be double sure to come back on Thursday for another helping. Tie a ribbon around your finger if it helps you to remember.

Gotta give a shout out to Zach over at No Pants Tuesday for the kind words about Monday’s strip. It really motivated me to push the full week of strips. So if you want to thank anybody, thank Zach and visit his site often.

Nate’s compliments came at a really good time. No lie, just last Friday I was talking to Jared about how I felt I was spinning my wheels creatively. It felt like all I was doing was drawing the characters in the same static poses in front of different backgrounds for 3 months, or something. I was seriously considering switching up the art style and had done a few tests in Illustrator and Flash to see if the characters would look any better polished up a bit. I was in serious doubt about my ability. Nate inadvertently gave me a shot in the arm, so kudos to him.

Never mind that the competition already has the market cornered in vector-based art. Guess I’ll have to suck it up and be the lone hand-drawn cartoonist in movie-themed web comics. 🙂

I guess since I’m running with this good feeling, I want to extend myself to another individual in a Pay It Forward kind of way. So I wanna give another shout out to Mitch over at Nothing Nice to Say. Mitch has been a little down lately, and I wanted to publicly state that the man is a fantastic human being.

I’ve only talked to Mitch a handful of times, trading e-mails every so often. But it doesn’t take a genius to recognize that he is a true talent who writes excellent strips and even more incisive blogs. The dude might be too smart for his own brain.

Anyone taking shots at Mitch needs to back the hell off. Everyone goes through a rough patch now and then. No one needs a screaming chorus of interweb geeks breathing down his neck about it. So to my man Mitch, here’s to ‘ya.

That about does it for the good karma joy ride. I was gonna write another brier patch of industry garbage, but I’ll let sleeping dogs lie.

Just be sure to check out the strip each day this week. Will Tom live or die?! THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

Later, peeps.

↓ Transcript
Tom, I am SO sorry you were impaled on that sai. The guy at the costume shop swore it was made of plastic!

OMIGOD! My Big Fat Greek Wedding is out on DVD today?!

Tom, sit tight. I'm just going to run into the mall and buy a copy at Suncoast. I won't be gone longer than five minutes!