As I type this, Cami is downstairs watching the last of the Golden Globes. She always gets excited during award season. Personally, I could care less about some of them. And of all the wolves in sheep’s clothing, I think the Golden Globes are the worst offenders.

Everyone talks about how the Golden Globes are a precursor to who will win the Oscar. My feeling is that Oscar voters are just lazy and will mark down on the ballot whichever name rings a bell first. The media fills in all the gaps between now and March.

You only need look at the nominees for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical to realize that the opinions of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association mean exactly nothing. Goldie Hawn for The Banger Sisters? C’mon!

I didn’t get a chance to see any movies this weekend because I was doing it up Minneapolis-Style with my good friend Nick when Cami, Jared, Jared’s wife Patti and I all went to visit him and his wife Erin over the weekend.

I had an awesome time catching up with them and they took us to a really cool Thai restaurant whose entrees did not result in me clutching my throat while steam poured out my ears. It was really good.

Visiting places like Minneapolis makes me realize how boring Des Moines could be. We went out to the Uptown district and were cruising by all of these shops. There were more people walking around on a Saturday night then you’re likely to find in a whole month in Des Moines. Never mind the temperature was, like negative 5. There were still people milling about.

If anything, going North for the weekend has taught me that I am not as equipped to handle the cold as I once thought. I’m wearing a turtleneck and a heavy wool coat, freezing my ass off and I’m seeing locals wandering about with no jackets, wearing only t-shirts. Sick.

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get an opportunity to get some face time with my fellow web-comic authors Mitch from Nothing Nice to Say or Zach from No Pants Tuesday. But our time was brief. Still, it would have been cool. I guess these links to their sites will have to do…

You may have noticed that we’re starting to flesh out the reviews section. Today, I’ve added some words about the new Jason Lee/Julia Stiles flick A Guy Thing. How appropriate that it was written by our good friend Nick! You should go read it right now and learn why Nick has the BA in English and I don’t. That kid writes scary-good.

↓ Transcript
Are the Golden Globes on yet?

Tom, I didn't know you were interested in watching the Golden Globes!

PSSHH-HAW! Like I care what the Hollywood Foreign Press thinks!

I only watch the pre-show so I can see catty celebrities dis Joan Rivers!

Oh! Oh! Laura Flynn Boyle! Who dress you? A blind person?

Get bent, you talentless sea-hag.