Apologies for the delay this week. This comic about Cowboys and Aliens was originally supposed to go up last week when it was perhaps a little more timely. That didn’t happen and now I’m wondering if anyone cares.

I’ve not yet seen Cowboys and Aliens, but no one I know seems to be talking about it – good or bad. The few reviews I’ve read basically say the film is competent, but unspectacular. All of the positive buzz that was surrounding it before its release seems to have died on the vine. Tying for first place at the box office with The Smurfs probably didn’t help.

I’ll probably end up seeing Cowboys and Aliens sometime this weekend while I am attending the Chicago Comic Con as the Rosemont Convention Center. I’m really looking forward to attending this year. I skipped out last year because I decided to go to C2E2 instead. I decided to come back to the Chicago Comic Con because, frankly, C2E2 was too expensive.

There will always be a special place in my heart for the Chicago Comic Con. It was the first big show I ever went to back in 2004. Since then, I’ve steadily progressed and learned how to operate and one of these big shows and it’s been a treat to hang out with the fans every year.

If I could do more big shows, I would. Unfortunately, I’m kind of limited to the shows I can drive to. So that means I’m pretty much stuck in the Midwest. But it’s nice having a show of this size relatively in my backyard.

If you’re attending Chicago Comic Con this weekend, you can find me in Artist Alley, table #3314. I’ll be easy to spot because my table is right next to Gordon McAlpin from Multiplex. It’ll be great to see him again.

Not sure what else to say except that I managed to somehow see both Captain America AND The Change-Up this weekend. I’d like to talk about them, but I’m kind of distracted because I’m focusing on Chicago Comic Con.

I’ll say this regarding Captain AmericaChris Evans made me forget that he ever played the Human Torch.

Probably the less said about The Change-Up, the better.

But, hey! If you saw either of these movies (or Cowboys and Aliens) and want to talk about them, feel free to fire up the comments area! I’d be interested to read your thoughts. Maybe if we can prompt a conversation, I can go into more depth on both those films.

Sorry for running and gunning it this week. Please come see me at table #3314 this weekend at Chicago Comic Con! Otherwise, I’ll catch up with you next week!

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Monsters vs. Aliens.

Predators vs. Aliens

Now we've got Cowboys vs. Aliens!

Ladies and fleegloprs... we have a MAJOR public relations catastrophe on our hands.

We need to get to the ROOT of why humans always view us as the aggressor - THE INVADER!

David! Would you please put that away and just the rest of us for this brainstorming session??