Something I noticed after I had produced this comic… I draw my characters throwing their hands up in the air an awful lot. Someone should start a meme.

Onto more serious news.

I was talking about Machete on the Theater Hopper Facebook page (more specifically, that star Danny Trejo was 66 years-old – What the WHAT?!) and someone shared with me a link to a group that was planning on protesting Machete for being “anti-white.” This group’s claim is the the film was released to “green light” violence against white Americans.

I won’t share the link with you here. I’m not particularly interested in validating this specific group with your time or attention. But, needless to say, I found the whole thing pretty disgusting. Not just for the misguided protest effort they were trying to organize but for the truly horrible, racist comments posted along with it. The less said about it, the better.

I haven’t see Machete and I’m not exactly running out the door to do so. I figure any feature-length movie sprung from a joke trailer released with Grindhouse three years ago is probably going to be a little light on plot and characterization. And, well, it’s a Robert Rodriguez movie. So, same goes.

But reading about this hate campaign disguised as a protest makes me want to see Machete for no other reason than to turn their crank.

From everything I’ve read the movie is violent and cheesy and everything you’d come to expect from a Rodriguez movie. I’m aware that they tried to make the film somewhat topical by tying it to the immigration debate going on in Arizona at the moment and that perhaps their execution was sloppy. Considering Machete’s somewhat incomplete origin, that sounds like a reasonable criticism to me. I don’t think anyone is seeing this movie for political moralizing. They just wanna see Danny Trejo slap a Gatling gun onto a motorcycle and launch that bad boy 50 feet in the air.

But protesting Machete’s for being anti-white? I just don’t see it. In fact, I don’t even see a point in pretending like it’s a reasonable complaint and formulating an argument against it.

If these paranoid loons see a bunch of white guys getting carved up by a six foot tall Mexican and think it’s anti-white, they need to put themselves in the shoes of every black person who has watched the token black actor be the first to die in EVERY SINGLE HORROR MOVIE of the last 30 years. I can’t imagine that’s been very encouraging to them.

I have to stop while I’m ahead. Having an argument about this is a losing proposition. You can never reason with people who see issues like this where there is none. It’s like yelling at a wall.

So, for brevity’s sake, can we all agree that the assertion that Machete is “anti-white” is a ridiculous notion and move on with our lives? Thanks.

Even if you want to debate it with me in the comments, I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to make an executive decision to delete those comments. Because I don’t care how well-reasoned you think you’re being, protesting Machete for being “anti-white” is just a fancy way of dressing up your racism and marching it down the street.

I try to be accommodating to different points of view, but sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move on.

I have to apologize for the comic being a day late. Unfortunately the reason is because Cami and I spent the majority of the Labor Day weekend packing up our house in preparation for the move to our NEW house in less than 3 weeks. Henry and Pearl stayed with my in-laws and we worked all weekend. We got a lot done, but by Sunday night we were exhausted. We went to pick up the kids on Monday so we could at least have ONE day this week where we – y’know – get to SEE them. And, well, that’s why the comic was late.

I have most of my office packed up, but I’m getting kind of freaked out about boxing up my merchandise to move to the new house. The shirts aren’t that much of a hassle to move. But the books are very heavy and you can only box so many of them together before you risk throwing your back out trying to pick them up. That means a lot of boxes and a lot of trips up and down stairs.

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If you saw Machete or The American this weekend and feel like chatting it up in the comments below, please feel free. I know I gave The American a free pass without much discussion in the blog and I’ve heard wildly different reactions to the film. Some people I know were really into it and others thought it was a depressing waste of time. Did you see it? Where do you stand? Let us know!

↓ Transcript
Did you hear about the group protesting Machete for being "anti-white?"

The should go see The American.

If anything, their box office contributions would encourage more thoughtful adult thrillers instead of tongue-in-cheek grindhouse schlock like Machete!

HECK! Even if they could get past the title, they could claim they were being "patriotic!"

Or, y'know - they could wake up, realize it's just a movie and stop being racist a-holes.