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  1. Staatz

    I was looking forward to another one by Raimi despite the third one. The first two movies just fit with the begging of summer, they were so bright and sunny, they put me in a happy mood, which is rare for me. So, I hope they don’t decide the next one has to be all dark and gritty. And I agree with you Tom, Zak Efron or and origin story would suck.

  2. Molnek

    Tom why would you put the idea of Zak Efrom as Spidey into the universe? He’s just on the edge of annoying and being ignored. But yeah I don’t think they’d be stupid enough to do an origin again, however I’m okay with an older Spider-Man. Ever since Wolverine Origins I’ve been really annoyed with the whole kid friendly thing and I do not want to see the tired tale of Peter getting a date against the odds only to have to go fight an overweight man with metal arms and goggles.

  3. Six

    I agree, why do we need a “reboot” of the franchise? I can only see this ending in disaster.

  4. Artemis

    You’re right, Toby is getting a little too old to play Peter Parker, the Amazing Spiderman.

    I couldn’t bear to watch Spiderman 3, but I’d like to see Raimi get another chance.

    Recasting – how about like Batman? Where a diffrent actor plays the hero in each movie and the real draw is the villian.

  5. Kylana

    I will miss Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s cameos…but we need a re-casting (as long as they keep Dylan Baker as Doc Connor. Cause then I can say I met the Lizard). Efron would make a bad Spidey….
    *shudders at the mental image*. It will be interesting to see what happens to the franchise.

  6. Liz

    I think a reboot might be a good idea, since Spidey 3 was shudderworthy. And how many conceivable villains do we have left? Back in the good old days, I was totally all for Sean Maher as Spiderman and Jewel Staite as Mary Jane, and not just as a Whedonite. How awesome would that have been? I doubt that would still work, sadly.

    And can they PLEASE keep Bruce Campbell cameoing? That was one of the few redeeming qualities of the third movie.

  7. colin

    I think the spidey suit should have rubber nipples in this reboot. And then Spidey should be played by Val Kilmer. Then played by Christian Bale.

    Btw, you’re the only person I know that’s used “you’re” incorrectly instead of “your”… usually it’s the other way around.

    • Tom

      RE: “you’re / your” – It was late… 🙁

      Thanks, though. I’ll go back and fix that tonight. 😉

  8. Andrew

    I don’t mind the reboot. I was wondering how Marvel was going to pull the film franchise into the Marvel Universe movies they’ve already done, and rebooting seems to be the obvious choice.

  9. doshi

    RE: Artemis. That doesn’t work because Peter actually has a life outside of Spidey, and it’s delved into quite deeply in virtually all of the comics. His two rival girlfriends, his constant need for money/livingspace, his aging family, and especially his missing parents figure prominently into several storylines.

    As far as villains missing from the Spidey universe, I still haven’t seen Carnage, the Lizard, Shocker, Kingpin (I know he was in Daredevil, but he’s also a major Spidey enemy), Kraven the Hunter, and a few others that I can’t remember the names of but can certainly describe (Chameleon, that one flying guy that can change from young to old, The Cat, etc, etc). There are plenty of villains for Spidey to smash over the next few years, and they haven’t even gotten into the whole “MJ Is Missing” storyline that basically dominated the entire 90s cartoon series. Madam Webb? The vampires? Dude, Spidey’s universe is so deep that they can probably keep it going for several decades with different actors in a similar role.

    Admittedly, Toby looks the part of Spidey almost too well, and they’ll be hard-pressed to find somebody who looks that youthful with that physique and those acting skills to fill his shoes.

  10. Mark Monlux

    Aw! I was so bummed when I heard this news. I wanted Toby to do one more Spiderman movie. Would Rocky IV have been the same without Sylvester Stallone? Okay, poor example.

  11. DJ Bogtrotter

    Jesus, you only need to be 27 to have a mid-life crisis now? I’m 42 and I was planning on having mine this year. Am I too late?

    • Tom

      Not 27, Bogtrotter. 37.

      Yeah, I’ll admit 37 isn’t really mid-life crisis territory. But as far as Peter Parker is concerned, it might as well be. Spider-Man was always more interesting as a kid barely keeping it together. He should be in his mid-20’s to early-30’s tops.

  12. Chris

    This seems reminiscent of what happened with Batman. Batman was recast every few movies and once a decade or so they would “reboot” it with his origin story again. Are comic book stories really becoming that formulaic?

  13. gomro

    I’m all for a reboot, with Max Dillon as the villain of the piece. ONE villain, thank you. And let’s see some of Max’s horrible pre-Electro years, so we can get into his psychology. I’d really like for him to wear the Ditko suit, but if we must go with the latest, maskless-but-tattooed version, that’s fine.

    And at least _moderately_ unknown actors should play both Spidey and Electro. MJ too.

  14. Tarran

    But Dunst was perfect for the part of MJ… I mean in the comics MJ was a horrible actress as well.

  15. Molnek

    Well you don’t have to be in mid life to have a mid life crisis sure look at High Fidelity. I will say I am happy MJ will be recast. I mean she’s suppsoed to be a supermodel with a heart of gold, like she’s the reward Peter gets for getting his ass kicked everday of his life until the spider bit him and even a bunch of days after that. Kirsten Dunst never pulled that off, especially with the jealousy subplot in Spidey 3, mind a whole big part of their relationship is their grief over Gwen Stacey.

  16. as3ad

    I love that Tom has a permanent shrug in this strip 🙂

  17. Chiris

    I knew its was inevitable for a Spiderman reboot but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. And where did that Zac Efron reference come from? You still bothered about Disney buying Marvel?

    • Tom


      The Zac Efron reference came straight from an Entertainment Weekly article that suggested him for the role.

      Also suggested? Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe.


  18. TheCastro

    They need to just continue on. Or reboot to him being spiderman already. Dating Gwen Stacey and then accidently snapping her neck when (let’s use hobgoblin voiced by Mark Hamill) throws her off the bridge.

  19. j00ky

    I’m still torn on this one. IMO it worked ok for Batman and somewhat rejuvinated the series however the whole marvel/disney thing worries me that it will be just another movie geared towards the “tween” generation.

  20. Allan

    Tom, what scares me about Sony doing the reboot, and ousting Raimi: 1) the problems with Spider-Man 3 all came from things that the studio forced on Raimi. They’re the ones that dictated that Venom had to be in the movie, and Sandman’s role was severely diminished as a result. Imagine what Spider-Man 3 would have looked like with the removal of Venom! Much better right? OK, so we have to lose the “New Goblin” Power Ranger as well, but who knows who came up with that? 2) Marvel did this recently in the comics, and it was a disaster called “Brand New Day.” And that’s EXACTLY what I’ll refer to this reboot as, since I’m pretty sure it’s going to be equally as lame, since no Raimi probably equals more studio interference.

  21. Adam Ronchi
    Adam Ronchi

    Like Woody Allen in a mask and stretchy pants, he’s your friendly neurotic Spider-Man.

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