I am nervous because later this morning I am seeing a doctor for my first physical in almost 15 years.

It was something I meant to do last year after I turned 30. Plus, now that we have Henry, monitoring my health more closely is the responsible thing to do.

I didn’t make the appointment, though partially because I didn’t have a doctor and didn’t know how to go about looking for one. But I didn’t exactly make it a priority to find one because I am deathly afraid of needles.

I’ve been worrying about it since yesterday. I know they’re going to have to take blood. I wish there was a way they could gas me and knock me out to do it, though.

My fear of needles has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. Last year I went to a health screening provided by my employer and got all tense when I found out they were going to use the little finger prick thing to take a small blood sample.

It’s not just blood removal, either. I don’t like injections. Getting a flu shot fills me with anxiety.

Incidentally, I should mention I never had a flu shot until Henry was born.

The things I do for this kid. Seriously.