Today's comic is probably going to rub a few people the wrong way - especially if you work in the service industry. But, hey - I say what I feel.

I'm not above showing a little common courtesy. Obviously just because you're in a movie theater doesn't give you free reign to start throwing popcorn or dumping your drink. Should people pick up after themselves? Yes, they probably should.

But, as Tom says in the comic, do you bus your own tables at a restaurant or turn down your own beds at a hotel? Most people don't. Why? Because they're paying a premium price for customer service. Part and parcel to the cost they pay, expense is built in to compensate someone to do those tasks for you.

Movie theaters should be no different. If you're charging me $8.50 to walk through the door, $5.00 for a popcorn and $3.00 for a soda, your employees can do the heavy lifting. Otherwise, just as I could easy stay home and make a meal for myself instead of going to a restaurant, I could also stay home and watch cable or a DVD.

Movie theaters aren't the only game in town anymore. I would think that theater owners would be bending over backwards to give you the most comfortable theater experience possible instead of guilting you into picking up an overpriced soda cup.

Maybe I'm biased. When I worked at a movie theater, they didn't run those little slide show ads like they do today and they certainly didn't try to encourage a "clean up your own mess" policy. I had to pick up some of the most foul garbage when I worked in that theater. Among them a styrofoam cup brimming with tobacco juice and a used condom!

Sorry to be vulgar, but that kind of stuff stays with you.

It also comes with the territory. If you're in the service industry or if you work with people, you have to expect some bizarre stuff. And that's why I got out of that job. Because I hate people. ;D

No big movie news to discuss today except that I'm looking forward to the weekend. Cami and I have a few social commitments to attend to, but after words, once we get Henry home and down to sleep, I'm sneaking out of the house to see 3:10 to Yuma and Shoot 'Em Up. Neither film Cami has any interest in. I can see why. They're pretty much both straight-up guy movies. Although I could see her enjoying 3:10 to Yuma if she gave it a chance. I'm going to that one more for the performances than the western theme. But seeing both movies should be a lot of fun. It'll actually give me something to talk about on next week's Triple Feature talkcast!

Incidentally, we had another great show on Monday night and more and more people are starting to take notice. I really encourage you guys to download the last few episodes. We've been having a lot of fun with these lately and I think we've really hit our stride. Did you know you can subscribe to our shows through iTunes now? Just click on the iTunes link in the right hand column of our profile page to get new shows automatically! Pretty cool!

That's all for me. Have a great Wednesday!