Apologies for posting the comic late today. Atter celebrating the holiday, I basically went into hibernation mode on Tuesday and it totally slipped my mind to upload the comic. At any rate, here it is!

I love Christmas because it means I've finally been released from the purchasing embargo placed around me back in October. Since my birthday and Christmas are right next door to each other, I can't take advantage of  any of the great releases that come out in that time. I won't brag and say what I got. But much like it was in the comic, this season was a bountiful haul.

Now if I can find about 800 hours of free time to watch everything before our baby comes in February. Hmm...

We didn't really bother to see any of the big holiday releases this weekend. Well, I guess we went to see A Night at the Museum on Friday. But that doesn't really count because it was more of a "birthday movie." I can't really say if I enjoyed A Night at the Museum or not. I got out of work early on Friday so Cami and I thought we could sneak into a matinee before all the kids were let out of school. No such luck. Seems a lot of them were skipping class, or something, because there were a ton in the theater.

I shouldn't be surprised. The movie is really for kids. Lots of crashing around and loud noises - which I guess kids really like. I probably would have enjoyed it more had we gone to the later showing. But the movie was two-plus hours long! What was that about?

Dreamgirls came out Christmas Day and I just can't muster any enthusiasm for it. Part of me is curious to see Eddie Murphy in a role that doesn't require 50 pounds of latex and a goofy voice. But I'm so turned off by the level of exposure and hype around Beyonce and Jamie Foxx, I can't see a reason to pay good money to further inflate their egos. I guess I was more interested in seeing it before I found out it was a musical. I don't know if that's fair, but it's the truth. Dreamgirls might end up getting a bunch of nominations in the next few weeks and if that's the case, maybe I'll check it out just so I'm educated. But I'm really not looking forward to it as an entertainment experience.

I'm getting really excited for the new year because I have a site redesign that I'm on the precipice of unleashing. It's got a great new look and a few new features and I think you guys are really going to get a kick out of it! I have to give a big shout out to Dave Buist from Taking the Bi-Pass who has been helping me institute these new features. The guy is a miracle maker. So everyone should go check out his site and show a little solidarity. You'll see his name around here a lot in the next couple of weeks.

That's it for now. Thanks to everyone for being patient!