I plan on coming back and discussing Uwe Boll's pugilistic antics later in the day. For now I want you to focus on one thing.

The artwork and layouts for "Theater Hopper: Year Two" have been sent to the printer and I have raised about half of what I need to pay for the book. The printer required that I pay one-third of the total cost upon approving the proofs. The remaining two-thirds come due when the books are delivered on the first week of November.

Right now I have a little more than half of what I need to pay the printer. I'm gambling that you guys can help me meet my goal. So I'm extending the sales drive until November 8.

If today is your payday, please consider purchasing a copy of "Theater Hopper: Year Two" now. Today is also the last day that your pre-order will qualify you for the remaining hand-made Truman doll. Orders have dipped since the first week of the pre-sale, so your odds are still good. Also, if you haven't ordered a copy of "Theater Hopper: Year One," don't forget our special bundle package that puts both books together for $25.00 (plus shipping and handling). You save nearly $10 as opposed to if you bought the books separately.

In the coming weeks I'm going to try and leverage all of my resources to help meet my ultimate goal. That means slashing prices on my remaining inventory of t-shirts, bundling shirts with copies of the first book at a reduced price and I'm also prepared to auction off my artistic ability on eBay. I'm planning on offering an open-ended auction where I will draw whatever you like (within the confines of good taste). A piece suitable for framing. So if you're thinking there might be something you'd like me to draw for you, start coming up with ideas this weekend.

These are all ideas that will benefit you as much as me. But in the meantime, let's see what we can do about racking up a few more orders for "Theater Hopper: Year Two".

As always, I appreciate your support. This has been my best year of doing Theater Hopper so far and it's all thanks to you guys. I sincerely appreciate the opportunities you've afforded me. Thank you!