Funyons are a bit of a repeating theme in Theater Hopper lore. Have you ever eaten one? They're awful!

I know I'm kind of teasing you guys with cliffhanger after cliffhanger with this arc. But it's intential and, believe me, it's going somewhere. If you also picked up on the fact that I was attempting to capture some of the neo-noir stylings of Hollywoodland in these last few comics, well... you'd be right!

I'm thinking this arc will last at least until next week. I'm excited about the story I have plotted out for you guys, but I'm also bummed I'm missing the opportunity to razz on The Covenant. A better movie for Goth Jared to geek out over has not been made! Moody emo kids! Dark powers! It's basically The Craft but with dudes.

The first few days of sales for "Theater Hopper: Year Two" is exactly what I would have hoped for. I see some of you who haven't bought "Theater Hopper: Year One" yet are taking advantage of our discounted bundle package that puts both books together! Thank you for your support!

While I will confess that sales have been good, I will also report that your odds are still VERY good to win one of the three hand-made Truman dolls my loving wife Cami stitched together as part of this pre-sale. We're giving out the first three next Tuesday. After that, we're giving two away the following week. The last week of the pre-sale, there will only be one puppy left in need of a home. So get your pre-orders in before Tuesday to increase your odds at owning this one-of-a-kind item!

Incidentally, since the doll promotion is taking place of the custom sketches I did for "Year One" (due to time constraints) I have been asked if I am still signing copies of "Year Two." It's not on the order page - and I mean to correct that - but to erase any doubt, EVERY book that gets sent out will have my signature on it with a note of thanks. That's been my M.O. since I first started selling posters back in the day. There's no reason for me to stop now! So if you're on the fence about buying the books and a signature is important to you, let it be known that it's included!

You may have noticed that the Sales Drive banner above the comic has been updated. We're VERY close to reaching 1/4 of our goal! Which, in two weeks time, is really amazing! Thank you!

So you're aware of what the Sales Drive is about, I'm trying to raise enough money to take "Theater Hopper: Year Two" to the printer to give them enough time to produce copies of the book for me to take to Wizard World Texas November 10 - 12. So the faster we meet the goal, the faster you get the book!

Keep in mind that buying merchandise isn't the only way you can help us meet our goal!

Most of you are aware of the sponsorship buttons I've offered between the comic and this blog for the last few months. At $10 for 30 days, it's a very affordable option for people just starting to get into advertising.

However I have recently also made available the 728 x 90 leaderboard beneath the navigation and the 160 x 600 tower ad to the right of the comic. I am selling ad space here based on ad views - 35,000 and 100,000 in both locations. If you've never purchased ad views before, basically the agreement is that vistors to this site will see your ad either 35,000 or 100,000 times - no ifs, ands or buts. It will be rotated with the ads that are currently running to ensure long-term exposure.

I've made purchasing advertising space through the site easier than ever. Just check out our new advertising page. I've included two fields where you can input the location of the banner you would like me to use as well as the URL you would like me to point it to! No more having to buy the ad and then follow up with an e-mail! I've also recently installed a new ad server to help manage these displays and part of that is to give future advertisers the options to log on to the server and see how their ad is performing. So you can check your account, see how many times your ad has displayed, how many views you have left... even the number of click throughs it's generated! No more guesswork! No more crossing your fingers and hoping it works! You guys are really going to dig this feature.

So if you have a web site that you would like to spread the word about and want a little more high-profile exposure than the sponsorship buttons offer, consider buying ad views in either the 728 x 90 or 160 x 600 spaces. You won't regret it. All of the profits go toward the larger goal of the Sales Drive, so you're helping Theater Hopper while helping yourself!

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Otherwise, here's to everyone having a great weekend!